There are many misconceptions surrounding people with attention deficit disorders, and frankly a lot of ignorance.

Here are 13 things you may not have known about people with ADD and ADHD. Listen up, and focus.

1)    Dreaming BIG

There is no limit to how much people with ADD and ADHD can dream. They are uber-creative. And, while they may struggle with focusing in academic situations, just ask them about their future. Chances are, they’ve got a beautiful vision for it.

2)    ADD is more common in girls, while ADHD is more common in boys

Women are more unlikely to suffer from the attention deficit, while men are more likely to experience the issues with hyperactivity. *fidgets* But, those symptoms can be grown out of. 

3)    Finding alternate paths to overcome obstacles

It’s called thinking outside of the box. That’s what CEO’s need to do in order to be successful. Cha-ching!

4)    They are often unorthodox 

Call them “free spirits.” Call them “different.” Call them “weird.” Hey, at least they’re unique.

5)    People with attention deficits are tolerant

They know what it’s like to struggle, so they have an understanding towards others who are struggling.

6)    Deep thinking

They’re emotional and sensitive, even if they don’t show it. There is a lot going on inside of them. Tread lightly. And when you get into a deep conversation with them, listen. They can open your eyes to the world.

7)    Thinking two meters ahead of the world

Their minds are active, all of the time. Thinking ahead, at a high level. Not just the space cadet you thought.

8)    Women with ADD have a lot of anxiety because they care too much

It’s the never-ending saga of just wanting to be the best Y-O-U, to the heightened extent.

9)    People with attention deficits are often very witty

Creativity creates a quick-wit. They’ve got the best jokes, and easily master bantering back-and-forth. Rethinking dating that hyperactive guy? Yeah, I see that’s possible.

10)   They need to take a lot of breaks in order to focus

But, once they do… Watch out! They’ll deliver big time.

11)    When someone with ADD or ADHD is truly interested in something, their symptoms often go away completely

Hallelujah, the curse has been lifted.  

12)    Attention deficits are often paired with a higher IQ

IQ… GQ… “It’s all relative,” as Einstein once said.

13)   They get distracted easily, but I’m guessing you knew that one

Wait… What were you saying again? I was just reminded of the score from last night’s game. That was a serious game-changer. And did I mention to you that H-O-T guy at the grocery store?! Yeah, we exchanged numbers. It was sweet.