Chronic Pain

8 Things I Miss Most as a Result of Chronic Pain and Illness:Term Life

When I began to gather my thoughts for this piece, I asked my husband what he thought. It was eye-opening. Even after all these years, I forget that his life has been impacted as much as mine by my health limitations. This is partly because he’s changed his major task in life to that...

Drug-Free Options for Chronic Pain Treatment

There are many options out there for those who are suffering from chronic pain. However, not all of these options work for various individuals. Individuals who are suffering with chronic pain from being addicts will need different types of treatments than those who have chronic pain from sports injuries. For those who are suffering from...

Pain Management Programme and Chronic Pain

Patients referred to Pain Management programme are suffering with chronic pain. They need a different service to patients experiencing acute pain because there is a very important difference between acute pain and a chronic pain condition. ► Acute Pain Acute pain is a response to injury, disease or a response to hazardous things like extremes of temperature,...

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