Some children are picky eaters. Everything good for them is yucky, and Mommy is a meanie for trying to make them eat icky food. Perhaps these children are simply rebelling or trying to get attention—or perhaps they have Sensory Processing Disorder. Children who have SPD may suffer from oral defensiveness, meaning that certain types...

Many On The Spectrum Have SPD. But What Is It, Exactly?

With five to 16 percent of children affected by Sensory Processing Disorder in some way, it’s clear that this disorder isn’t limited just to children on the autism spectrum, though it is common with these kids. Children affected by SPD endure chronic disruptions and difficulties with the challenges of everyday life. However, as science...

Is It Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) or High Needs?

High need babies are known for their sensitivity and intensity. High needs is a continuum, of course, but most high need babies tend to fall on the high end of the scale when it comes to these two traits. Because of this, many parents begin to wonder and worry that there may be something more going...

It’s Sensory Processing Disorder: our story begins-Term Life

I’ve written this blog post over and over and over again in my head. Until now, I haven’t actually posted it because it’s not entirely my story to tell. My son is the main character in this tale and I hope I honor him in sharing with you today. Maybe you’ll find answers here today too. The...

How Sensory Processing Issues Affect Kids in School

Your son’s second grade teacher calls to say she’s concerned about some of his behaviors in school: He can’t sit still through a half-hour lesson and disrupts the class. He often seems distracted and doesn’t pay attention to what she’s saying He bumps into kids in the lunch line, making them angry. He can’t...

10 Best Sports for Kids with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)

I am often asked “What are the best sport activities for my child?”. When it comes to kids withSensory Processing Disorder (SPD) they do best with activities that are rich with resistive muscle activity (think push /pull) and rich with movement in all directions (up/down/angular/rotary).  Activities that have firm predictable tactile pressure work well.  These are...

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