Signs, Causes and Symptoms Of ADHD

6 Important Things Your Doctor Won’t Tell You When Treating ADHD and Anxiety-Term Life

Healing without Hurting: Treating ADHD, Apraxia and Autism Spectrum Disorders Naturally and Effectively without Harmful MedicationWhat aren’t your doctors telling you? 1. Your child is most likely suffering from a nutritional deficiency and/or a food sensitivity. 2. Genetically modified foods (GMOs), food preservatives & chemicals are contributing to many of your child’s attention, focus, sleep issues...

15 Signs Your Child May Have ADHD-Term Life

Is your child’s fidgeting and inattention just normal childhood behavior or could it be ADHD? Learn the signs that it might be time to have your child evaluated. All children can exhibit inattention or be fidgety or impulsive from time to time. How can you tell if your child’s behavior is within the normal range...

Movies Used to Improve Knowledge of ADHD-Term Life

Promising new research uses movies to better investigate brain functions in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).Tamara Vanderwal, M.D., associate research scientist at the Yale Child Study Center said watching a movie helps kids stay still while obtaining a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) examination. “There are only a handful of fMRI studies on awake...

Is the ADHD epidemic a symptom of modern life?Term Life

The teacher raises her voice in an instinctive but ineffectual attempt to drown out the extra-curricular conversations disrupting her classroom. She speaks urgently in the hope that her hyper-animated and emotive delivery will divert student eyes and thumbs away from their under-the-desk smartphone activities. She is fighting a hopeless cause; in the battle for...

25 Things to Love About Your Child with ADHD

This is a positive, uplifting article aimed at ADHD parents. The article includes 25 easy to read bullet points. The points include good qualities of children with ADHD. For example, how they can find order in chaos and how they want to help others. The article also adds humorous thoughts such as ADHD children...

10 Things Adults Should Know About Their ADHD Medications

The use of stimulant medications for the treatment of Adult ADHD has increased tremendously. I now see many psychiatrists in the community prescribing them along with antidepressants in those without ADHD. Before you commit to the use of stimulant medications here are ten things you need to now—some reassuring and some not. 1. They’re popular:...

ADHD Drugs Make Big Money, But We Still Don’t Know the Risks – Wired

HANDS UP IF any of these things describes your kids, you as a kid, or kids you know: inability to wait for a turn; temper tantrums; fidgeting; inability to finish chores; being too loud; being too quiet. Congratulations! The kid in question might have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and he (and it’s a he...

If You Don’t Have ADHD, You’ll Never Understand These Things

If you have ADHD, I’m sure people tell you all the time that it’s a disability. People look at ADHD as a terrible condition that hinders you from leading a happy, productive life, but that’s not necessarily true.Sure, ADHD can make sitting behind a desk for hours extremely difficult, but it doesn’t mean that...

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