Family appeal for information after son with Aspergers syndrome goes missing from Harrow

Connor Peel, 20, was last seen at Rayners Lane Tube station in the evening nearly a week ago

A family are appealing for information that could help them find their 20-year-old son after he went missing in Harrow .

Connor Peel, 20, was last seen between 6pm and 7pm at Rayners Lane Tube station on Thursday (August 5). He was topping up an Oyster Card with a suitcase in tow.

He was wearing a denim shirt/jacket and black skinny jeans with brown leather boots, and may have been wearing a hat to cover his ginger hair.

He has pierced ears and wears a heavy wooden stud in each ear and his family do not know anything about his movements from this point.

However, police have said that Connor has not left the country after they carried out checks on his passport at border control.

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My buddy Connor Peel is still missing, 4 days now.
Manchester/London/Chichester likely places he’d be, eyes open.

Connor’s father, Jonathan, has said: “He is an Aspergers sufferer and may well fail to pick up body language and can seem quite rude if challenged. Otherwise he is chatty and approachable.

“We are using the hashtag #findconnor on Twitter and Facebook but have little to go on.

“He had a laptop with him, a white Macbook. and probably a phone, but we do not know what number he might be using.”