There are different types of illnesses that people need to be aware of in order to make sure that they stay physically healthy. There are illnesses that are considered to be severe. Therefore, people need to see to it that they are going to seek the assistance of the doctor in order to treat their disease.One of the most serious types of disorder that people need to be aware of is the so called Phenylketonuria or the PKU. It is a metabolic disorder that greatly affects the genes of the body. It is characterized by a gene mutation in the hepatic enzyme of the body that makes it nonfunctional. This hepatic enzyme is known to metabolize amino acid known as phenylalanine to amino acid tyrosine. When the activity of the hepatic enzyme of the body is reduced, the phenylalanine will be converted to phenylketone or also known as the urine.


Even if names of famous people are not yet been confirmed, people need not to wait to acquire this disease since this is very dangerous to their health. It will definitely affect their life that they will no longer spend a normal life since the effects of it is really dangerous. Since your intellect will be affected, you will eventually lose thinking ability little by little to the extent that your brain will not function anymore. People need to bear in mind the harmful effects that this PKU disorder might brought to their life. They need to see to it they have sufficient knowledge in their minds to be able to prevent this in affecting their life.

Famous people who are already been exposed to this condition have not exposed their names, they just wanted to keep it by themselves to refrain from negative comments of other people. So, don’t wait this to condition to enter your body. You have to make sure that you are really practicing good healthy habits that would prevent not just this PKU disorder but also other types of disorder in affecting your life.